Adele Bertei ‎– Build Me A Bridge (1983)

I discovered Adele Bertei through her appearance on the 1988 Jellybean single “Just A Mirage” and her album “Little Lives” from the same year on Chrysalis Records as Francois Kevorkian had mixed the track “Love This Way” for the LP.

After investigating Adele’s music history a little more, I was surprised to find that this German born, New York based singer had her roots in the NY art house music scene of the late 70’s.

Adele moved to New York in 1977, a moment in time/place when a movement called no wave was about to tidal. Joining up with a gang of musical deconstructionists called The Contortions, Adele took over James Chance’s Acetone organ and made it wail. Working as Brian Eno’s assistant at the time, she requested his musical attention, and No New York was recorded. Adele became a pivotal figure in a counter-cultural art movement, in service to the credo “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”

The artist Martin Kippenberger brought her to Berlin to perform in 1979, and after touring Europe shortly thereafter with her band, the Bloods – one of America’s first all-girl bands – Adele stayed on in Rotterdam and Amsterdam working as a DJ. She moved to London in the 1980’s where she worked primarily as a backing vocalist, recording and touring for artists Thomas Dolby, Culture Club, and Tears for Fears, also releasing records along the way as a solo artist with the Geffen and Chrysalis labels as well as Nona Hendryx’s label Rhythmbank.

The single ‘Build Me A Bridge” was to be her only release on Geffen Records, produced by Thomas Dolby and remixed for the US 12″ single by Mark Kamins.

Build Me A Bridge (Vocal)                                 6:23

Take It To The Bridge (Instrumental)                   5:07

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