Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes ‎– The Upstroke (1984)

Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes were a one-off hi-NRG female duo consisting of Diana and Julie Seabrook.

From the online bio – “It is in 1984 that the Stock Aitken Waterman story really begins. Firmly established in his Camden Town office, Pete Waterman received a call from Mike Stock, asking for a meeting. Pete agreed, and Mike and Matt turned up with a song they had written and produced with a keyboard player called Pete Ware called “The Upstroke”, a hi-NRG female version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax”. Pete Waterman liked the song and decided to form a partnership with Mike and Matt. “The Upstroke” was released on Proto, performed by two-girl band Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes – it wasn’t a hit, but it was a club hit and was championed by Radio One’s John Peel.”

The single “The Upstroke” was written by Pete Ware, Matt Aitken and Mike Stock and produced by Pete Waterman. The Naughty Mix was by Ian Levine.

The Upstroke                                              6:25

Shadow Man                                              3:51

The Upstroke (Naughty Mix)                      10:09


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