Aleem ‎– Confusion (Remix) (1986)

Aleem are a sibling duo of identical twin brothers Taharqa Aleem and Tunde Ra Aleem who scored several hits in both the R&B and Dance markets.

Tunde-Ra (keyboards, vocalist,) and Taharqa (guitar, vocalist) began their careers working, traveling and socializing with such icons of rhythm & blues as Big Mabelle, Bobby Womack, Sam Cook, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Clarence “Blowfly” Reid. They then learned the inner workings of the music industry through their close association and friendship with Harlem legend Fat Jack Taylor, owner of the infamous independent label Ro-Jack Records. They would later establish the famous “Harlem World Club” with Taylor, which was ground-zero for a large number of musicians and acts.

The early 80’s found the Aleems forming their own independent label, NIA Records, which would secure their place in black music history, both as producers and music business executives, as well as performers and writers. They recorded several big independent hits for NIA as the Fantastic Aleems and their song “Hooked On Your Love” showcased Luther Vandross’s first recorded work as their backup singer. In this initial period of Nia records, the brothers released a number of early rap songs and artists, such as the Captain Rock series and a duo known as Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jeckyll was Andre Herrell, who 10 years later founded UpTown Records and then would, for a short time, become CEO of Motown Records after Uptown was folded into the Polygram organization.

Many of the Aleem singles on the NIA Records featured vocals by Leroy Burgess including the 1985 hit “Confusion” which was written, produced, arranged and mixed by the Aleem brothers. In 1986 “Confusion” was remixed by Frank Poulton & Michael Bona for the TSR label and released in the classy sleeve you see below.

Confusion (Remix)                       11:03

Confusion (Party Mix)                    5:45

Confusion (Dub)                            5:19


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