Bandolero ‎– Hot “Paris Latino” (1983)

Bandolero is a French latin-funk and disco-rap band created in 1983 in Paris by Carlos Perez (vocals/guitar), his brother Jose Perez (vocals/bass) and Jill Merme-Bourezak (Vocals) and signed on the Taxi Girl’s label, Mankin.

“Paris Latino” was released in 1983 and the singlr would hit the charts in Holland (#12), Belgium (#19), and Switzerland (#2).

In the US, Sire Records would add two new remixes by John “Jellybean” Benitez to the original mixes by D.B.F. (Dominique Blanc-Francard).

Hot “Paris Latino” (US Version)                                                    6:32

Paris Latino (Instrumental)                                                           5:28

Paris Latino (Original Version)                                                     5:07

Hot “Paris Latino” (English Version/Mix Radio)                              6:10


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