Ca$hflow ‎– Mine All Mine (Remixes) (1986)

In 1986, the Atlanta-based funk quartet Ca$hflow unleashed their self-titled debut via the Atlanta Artists label, founded by Cameo leader Larry Blackmon. At a time when pop & soul music went though a new-wave synthesis thanks to the emergence of electronic keyboards & drum machines, Ca$hflow gave funk fans solid grooves & beats thanks to group members Gaylord Parsons (drums), James Duffie (keyboards), Regis Ferguson (keyboards) and Kary Hubbert – whose fiery gospel-tinged lead vocals graced their work.

Produced by Larry Blackmon, the single “Mine All Mine” was a UK Top 20 hit and the UK 12″ single included remixes by Mark S. Berry and a Latin Rascals Edit of the earlier hit “Party Freak”

Mine All Mine (Club Mix)                             7:13

Party Freak (Latin Rascal Edit)                  5:00

Mine All Mine (Extended Version)               5:05

Mine All Mine (Dub Mix)                              5:00

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