DAF – The Gun (1987)

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or D.A.F. is an influential German electropunk/NDW band from Düsseldorf, which primarily featured Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López (vocals) and Robert Görl (drums, percussion, electronic instruments).

The band split during the recording of their fifth album Für immer in 1982 and each member released solo albums: Delgado Mistress (on Virgin), and Görl Night Full Of Tension (on Mute).

Delgado and Görl reunited in 1985 to record 1st Step to Heaven, their only album in English, which achieved one week in the Swedish album chart at no. 46. Delgado later noted: “So we wanted to break our own rules and said: OK, so now we sing in English, now we don’t wear black. (laughing) With purpose. Because we wanted to break our own rules.”

In the US, the album was repackaged as “Hitz Blitz” and released in 1989 with a number of different tracks and mixes, one of the most prominent of these tracks was “The Gun”, released as a single in 1987 with a number of different mixes being releases in the US and Germany.

“The Gun” features samples from ZZ Top and Yello, although neither are credited on the 12″ single.

During this extensive period their historical importance began to become clearer. Legendary radio DJ John Peel went as far as to call them the Grandfathers of Techno.

The Gun                                                        8:19

Program It (Instrumental)                                8:36


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DAF ‎– The Gun (Limited D.J. Edition) (1987)

Deutsch Amerikansiche Freundschaft (“German American Friendship”; most commonly abbreviated to D.A.F.) was founded as a five-piece industrial noise outfit in Düsseldorf in 1978, but ultimately winnowed down to a two-man group consisting of vocalist/lyricist Gabi Delgado and drummer/electronic musician Robert Görl.

“The Gun” was a 1987 single written by Gabi Delgado and released in a range of different mixes, firstly in a standard 8:19 remix in Europe (also known as the “Bang!Bang! Club Mix” in the US  , then the US released Joseph Watt 8:22 Powder-Keg remix backed with a Razormaid remix of “The First Step To Heaven”.

Finally, the Limited D.J. Edition was released in Germany, containing the 9:30 Ultimate House Mix.

“The Gun” would be the only D.A.F. single released in 1987 and would see CD release on the 1989 D.A.F. compilation “Hitz Blitz” which was a primarily a repackaging of the “1st Step To Heaven” LP for the US market with some remixes and altered tracklisting. The version that appeared on “Hitz Blitz” was the Joseph Watt “Powder Keg Mix”.

The Gun (Ultimate House Mix)               9:30

Absolute Body Control                          5:26


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DAF ‎– Brothers (1985)

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or D.A.F. is an influential German electropunk/NDW band from Düsseldorf, formed in 1978 featuring Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López (vocals), Robert Görl (drums, percussion, electronic instruments), Kurt “Pyrolator” Dahlke (electronic instruments), Michael Kemner (bass-guitar) and Wolfgang Spelmans (guitar). Kurt Dahlke was replaced by Chrislo Haas (electronic instruments, bass guitar, saxophone) in 1979.

D.A.F. released five albums in the period 1979 to 1982 and by the time of the release of the third album, the minimalist pop masterpiece “Alles Ist Gut”, D.A.F. were reduced to the duo of Gabi and Robert.

The next two albums, Gold und Liebe (Gold and Love) and Für immer (Forever), continued in the same vein, until, as one British music journalist of the time put it, D.A.F. had exhausted all the possibilities of the 16-step sequencer.

The duo reformed briefly in 1985 to record their only English language album, “1st Step To Heaven” which spawned a number of singles including Pure Joy, Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir and Brothers.

Brothers (Mix Gabi)                 6:08

Brothers (Mix Robert)              5:04


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