David Peaston ‎– Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (1989)

David Peaston (March 13, 1957 – February 1, 2012) was an American R&B and gospel singer who in 1990 won a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist.

David was a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. As a child, he attended the Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church along with his mother, Martha Bass, a member of The Clara Ward Singers gospel group. His sister was R&B/soul singer Fontella Bass.

After graduating he worked as a school teacher but, after being laid off in 1981, moved to New York City and begin working as a background singer on recording sessions. In the late 1980s, he won several competitions on the Showtime at the Apollo television show, winning over the audience with a powerful rendition of “God Bless the Child.”

He was signed by Geffen Records, and his first single, “Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right)” rose to no. 3 on the Billboard Black Singles chart in 1989.

“Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right)” was mixed by Teddy Riley and Gene Griffin.

Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (Club Body Mix)                                                  5:52

Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (Percapella Mix)                                                  4:58

Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (Bonus Beats)                                                     4:57

Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (7″ Radio Mix)                                                     4:03

Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) (Almost There — Fairly Straight)                           5:40

Thank You For The Moment (LP Version)                                                                4:53


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