Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown (1985)

Doppelganger were a duo consisting of French-born keyboardist Philippe Saisse and US guitarist Randy Fredrix.

By the time “Communication Breakdown” was released in 1985, Saisse had already worked with Chaka Khan and Ai De Meola and Fredrix had released a single under his own name for Salsoul and recorded two albums with rock group Mayday.

Unfortunately Doppelganger would only release the one single but it is a great one, this would have to be my most played track from the 80’s, I have listened to it countless times over the last 27 years and I still think it is one of the best synth dance tracks I have ever heard. It’s a real shame that the duo did not go on to record more under the Doppelganger name.

Saisse and Fredrix would work together again in 1985 and 1988 on the jazz funk albums El Seven and T.K. by Takeshi Itoh.

Saiise would go on to be a member of Nile Rodger’s Outloud band in 1987 and to play with artists such as Hall & Oates, Tina Turner, David Bowie and Luther Vandross to name just a few.

Both Saisse and Fredrix are still active in the music industry, with Saisse now a world renowned modern jazz artist with his 2009 album “At World’s Edge” being nominated for a Grammy award and Fredrix appearing at the Woodstock Guitar Fest in 2011.

Communication Breakdown (Long Version)          7:42

Communication Breakdown (Single Version)        3:54

Come Come Come (Dub Version)                        7:01

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