Double-Z ‎– Bored To Tears (1989)

Lizz Chisholm, (born May 15,1952) AKA Double-Z is one of the most renowned female bassist/vocalist/producers in the music business. She has been part of the industry for over 40 years.

Double-Z began her career touring with Grand Master Melle Mel and the Furious Five, making her not only one of the very first live instrumentalists in Hip-Hop but also one of the very first women in the major Hip-Hop arena. Double-Z has also toured with the 80’s dance/club famed band, D-Train. She then went on to tour with Eugene Wilde, Al B. Sure, Zhane, and the world famous Kid Creole and The Coconuts. Double-Z has also performed with Issac Hayes, Tony Terry,and Natalie Cole.

Double-Z released her first solo single entitled “Bored To Tears” on the Warner Bros. label, in 1988. She became a staff songwriter for Warner Chappell Music where she then landed her solo album deal with Quincy Jones’ label Qwest records.

This US Promo 12″ featured two mixes by Trevor Gale and Winston Jones & David Shaw.

Bored To Tears (Gale/Warnings Mix)                5:18

Bored To Tears (Couch Potato Edit)                 3:58


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