Eleven ‎– New York Groove (1987)

“New York Groove” is a song written by Russ Ballard,  the British glam rock band Hello first recorded the song in 1975, for their debut album, Keeps Us Off the Streets. The song was a number nine hit in the UK, and subsequently reached number seven in Germany.

Ace Frehley recorded the song for his solo album released in 1978. Frehley, like the other then-current members of Kiss, recorded and released a solo album. Released as a single, this song made it to No.13 on the American Billboard Hot 100 late that year, by far the highest charting single from any of the Kiss members’ solo albums.

Eleven were a German band who recorded four singles for WEA in the period 1986-87 and their third release was this dance version of “New York Groove”.

New York Groove (Extended Version)                     5:53

You Better Run                                                    4:06

New York Groove (Night Flight Mix)                       3:38



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