Fire On Blonde ‎– Wrong Number (1987)

Following the recent post of “Bounce Back” by Fire On Blonde, there was a lot of interest in this little known duo who had recorded the single which then went on to be covered by Alisha and Martika.

I had requests for more Fire On Blonde and as fate would have it, found the final 12″ single by the act “Wrong Number” at a record fair over the weekend in the bargain bin.

“Wrong Number” was again co-written by Michael Jay who went on to produce Alisha’s 1990 album “Bounce Back”. Jay would also hand over “Wrong Number” to Alisha and it was released as the second single from album.

In his review of the Alisha album, Alex Henderson of Allmusic wrote “…. its best songs are “Wrong Number” and the title song, both of which Jay had co-written and given to dance-pop duo Fire On Blonde in the 1980s. Fire’s versions were superior, though Alisha’s aren’t bad.”

Wrong Number (Vocal/12″ Version)            6:48

Wrong Number (Vocal/Edit)                       3:48

Wrong Number (Bonus Beats)                   4:58


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Fire On Blonde ‎– Bounce Back (1987)

“Bounce Back” is a song written by Michael Jay and Gregory Smith. The best known version of the song is the 1990 version by American freestyle and dance-pop singer Alisha, from her same-titled album Bounce Back, although the track was also recorded by duo Fire on Blonde and American pop singer-songwriter Martika.

“Bounce Back” was originally released as single in 1987 by American Los Angeles based duo Fire on Blonde.  The release was a non-album single and was the band’s third and final single release in total.

After forming in 1985 and following the Atlantic Records release of the duo’s 1986 debut single “Stop and Think”, keyboardist Jim Vukovich left the group in 1987 and was replaced by Swedish keyboardist Scott Rudgress. Both Rudgress and vocalist Suzie Benson recorded two singles in 1987: “Wrong Number” and “Bounce Back”. Both songs were co-written and produced by Michael Jay. The single, like Fire on Blonde’s other two releases, failed to chart and make any mainstream impact. Shortly following in 1988, the group broke up.

For the 12″ vinyl, both Spinn Records and Atlantic Records released separate versions on the single, each using the same track-listing, although the Spinn release was the only one to feature an artwork sleeve. Although not stated which particular remixes, some remixing was handled by Keith Cohen and Steve Beltran.

Bounce Back (12″ Version)                                   6:45

Bounce Back (7″ Radio Version)                           3:59

Bounce Back (House Dub Mix)                             5:52

Bounce Back (7″ Remix)                                      4:12

Bounce Back (Acapella)                                       3:59


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