Gary Glitter ‎– Rock And Roll Part 5 (1987)

Is this the Phil Harding remix that will never appear on any retrospective of his work ? Would Trevor Horn ever admit to being Executive Producer on this 12″ single ? A record that has probably disappeared from most of the participants resumes but can it ever truly be forgotten ?

The song that made Gary Glitter’s name and career began as a 15-minute jam, whittled down to a pair of three-minute extracts released as the A and B sides of a single, called “Rock and Roll, Parts One and Two”. “Rock and Roll (Part Two)” proved to be the more popular side in many countries, although it took about six months before it made its full impact, going to number two on the British pop charts and reaching the Top Ten in the United States, one of the few British glam rock records to do so. “Rock and Roll (Part One)” was also a hit: in France it made number one, and in the UK both sides were listed together on the charts.

Like all great tunes, many decided this track needed an 80s makeover and Phil Harding & Trevor Horn agreed.

Rock And Roll Part 5                                                  7:20

Rock And Roll Part 3                                                  3:43

Rock And Roll Part 6 (Instrumental)                             3:13


Listen !