Hard Corps – Lucky Charm (1987)

To follow up yesterday’s post of  Hard Corps’ first release on the Polydor label, today we have the band’s last single “Lucky Charm” which was released on the Rhythm King label in 1987.

At the time Rhythm King were a small independent UK label who had released a handful of UK dance acts as well as the first Schooly D album, the label would hit it big the following year in 1988 with artists such as Bomb The Bass and S’Express.

Lucky Charm                           6:05

Porte-Bonheur                         6:08

Lucky Charm (The Music)        4:22

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Hard Corps – To Breathe (1985)


Hard Corps were a synthpop band from Brixton, South London. In 1983, after years of experimenting with Bowie and Ferry clones and building an arsenal of backing tracks, the three originators, Hugh Ashton, Robert Doran and Clive Pierce, were introduced to ‘stage performer’, French born, Regine Fetet. Although having never sung in public before, Regine’s enigmatic, fragile, human voice lent itself and brought alive the cold, pounding machined music the sound engineers were creating.

The first release by the band in June 1984 on Survival Records paired the rhythmic attack of Dirty and the softer, melodic, pulse of Respirer (To Breathe)

Their ill-fated dealings with high street giants Polydor which followed, gave the band a chance to work with a couple of their most most favoured and respected producers, Martin Rushent and Mute supremo, Daniel Miller. Polydor would release two singles by the band, the first “Je Suis Passee’ in May-August 1985 followed by a re-recording of their first single “To Breathe”.
The band would support Depeche Mode (Music For The Masses Tour) and The Cure (Head On The Door Tour), the final single by the band “Lucky Charm” was released in 1987 and unfortunately the band would not go on to record an album.

To Breathe (Extended)                    5:46

Metal And Flesh                             5:30

To Breathe (Instrumental)               3:50

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