Hongkong Syndikat ‎– Berlin (1984)

Hongkong Syndikat was a German pop band of the 1980s.

In the early 80’s,  DJ Bruno Grünberg and graphic designer Hartmut Möller met Gerd Plez, who they knew from growing up in Bremen. They founded Hongkong Syndikat, received a record deal shortly after and released their debut album Erster Streich.

The first single, Berlin Bleibt Doch Berlin, contains the voice of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan . Although the band sang mainly in German on the first record, they recorded their following albums in English , to orient themselves to the English-language market.

In 1984, Hongkong Syndikat gave their first concert in New York , in August of the same year they moved to London where they recorded their second LP Olympia, which Rusty Egan (Visage) produced .

The first single released from the Olympia album was a re-recording of the earlier single “Berlin” which still retained the Ronald Reagan voiceover.

Berlin (Extended Version)                   5:02

Berlin (Club Mix)                                5:32


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