Illustrated Man – Head Over Heels (1984)

Illustrated Man (circa 1984) were a funk-rock band formed in London featuring Hugo Burnham (ex-Gang of Four) on drums and percussion, Rob Dean (Japan) on guitar and two Australians: singer and bass guitarist Philip Foxman (Supernaut) and Roger Mason on keyboards and synthesisers (Gary Numan touring band, James Freud & the Radio Stars).

Hugo Burnham was a founding member of English post-punk band Gang of Four on drums and percussion, he left in early 1983 after their third studio album, Songs of the Free (1982). Rob Dean was an early member of new wave group Japan on guitar and left after recording their fourth album, Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980) and initially worked on a solo album, which was not released. Australian Philip Foxman was bass guitarist for glam rockers Supernaut (later The Nauts) which disbanded in 1980, Foxman relocated to London. Roger Mason was keyboardist for new wave group James Freud & the Radio Stars in Melbourne, they supported Gary Numan on his Australian tour.

Illustrated Man released one Mini Album and two singles, “Just Enough” and “Head Over Heels”, the 12″ single of “Head Over Heels” included remixes by Steve Thompson and John Luongo.

Head Over Heels (Extended Head)            6:05

Head Over Heels (Over-Dub)                       5:43

Head Over Heels (The Heel)                         4:19

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