Jeb Million ‎– Speed Up My Heartbeat (1986)

Jeb Million started off playing in various bands during his High School years in Canada. After leaving High School he formed a full time group called Turkey along with his school friend, guitarist Bobby Littlemore and with Jeff Harris on Drums.

Jeb moved to London around 1976 following in the footsteps of his friend, guitarist Derek O’Neil who had just quit playing alongside Pat Travers. They decided to form a band which became Fury along with Steve Barnacle on Bass Guitar and Nick Headon on Drums. The band played mainly their own material and lasted for around a year until Nick Headon left to eventually join The Clash.

The band then recruited former Streetwalkers and Pat Travers drummer Nicko McBrain. It was around this time that the management convinced the band to change their name to Blazer Blazer. Nicko lasted for a short while before also leaving. Simon Fox who had recently left Be Bop Deluxe then came in to fill the vacant drum stool. A support slot with AC/DC in November 1978 helped get the group noticed further afield. Creative differences within Blazer Blazer led to the band splitting up in early 1980.

In 1986 Jeb teamed up with Stock Aitken Waterman (SAW) and went on to record two singles with them which were released by WEA Records.
The second SAW single Speed Up My Heartbeat featured a B side with the song Who Sent You which was produced by Jeb and his old friend Steve Barnacle. All the songs were written by Jeb.

Speed Up My Heartbeat (Extended Mix)               5:47

Speed Up My Heartbeat                                      3:23

Who Sent You                                                    4:38

Jeb Million

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