Landscape ‎– Einstein A Go-Go (1981)

Landscape was an English band, best known for the 1981 hits “Einstein A Go-Go” and “Norman Bates.” Formed in 1974, it toured constantly during the mid-to-late-1970s, playing rock, punk, and jazz venues and releasing two instrumental EPs on its own Event Horizon label. The group began experimenting with computer-programmed music and electronic drums in the late 1970s and early 1980s, making records in the emerging genre of synthpop.

Landscape was composed of Richard James Burgess, Christopher Heaton, Andy Pask, Peter Thoms, and John Walters.

Burgess produced Shock and the first two albums by Spandau Ballet while still in Landscape. He went on to produce recordings by Five Star, King, Adam Ant, America, Colonel Abrams, Kim Wilde, and many others. He has written a book titled The Art of Record Production and co-designed the Simmons SDS-V, the first electronic drumset.

Einstein A Go-Go                                    5:28

Japan                                                     5:05


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Landscape ‎– European Man (1980)

After leaving the soft rock band Easy Street, Richard Burgess formed a slick synth pop/jazz group called Landscape in 1975. In addition to Burgess, who sang and played drums, Landscape included Andy Pask (bass), Chris Heaton (keyboards), John Walters (keyboards, woodwinds), and Pete Thomas (trombone, keyboards). After building a following through touring, the band released its self-titled debut in 1980, which sold rather poorly. 1981’s “From the Tea-Rooms of Mars…to the Hell-Holes of Uranus” firmly accented synthesizers as the focus of Landscape’s sound, and they scored a Top Five U.K. hit with “Einstein A-Go-Go.”

The first single released from the LP “From the Tea-Rooms of Mars” was “European Man” , the single did not hit the charts and was released again in 1981 after the success of “Einstein A-Go-Go” and “Norman Bates”, unfortunately the single failed to chart a second time.

The 12″ single featured an extended version of “European Man’ coupled with “The Mechanical Bride” from the debut album.

European Man                                 6:30

The Mechanical Bride                      3:20

Landscape European Man

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