Midnight Oil – Power And The Passion (1983)

This one was a real surprise, had never heard it before I picked up the US Promo 12″ of the classic “Power And The Passion” by Midnight Oil, the Francois Kevorkian US Remix of the original track is amazing and can be picked up on the CD single “Forgotten Years”, what that release is missing though is this manic 7 minute  dub version that has to be heard to be believed.

***New Rip Posted 17 May 2014, Record cleaned with Okki Nokki RCM and stylus upgraded with Ortofon OM2 Blue***

***Full 12″ Now Added***

Power And The Passion (Special Version)                        6:40

Glitch Baby Glitch (Power And The Passion Dub)             7:08

Wedding Cake Island                                                     3:08

Listen !