Mondo Rock ‎– Boom Baby Boom (1986)

In 1986, Melbourne rock band Mondo Rock released it’s fifth album “Boom Baby Boom”. The band’s line up had changed once again now consisting of Ross Wilson, J.J.Hackett, Eric McCusker, James Gillard, Andrew Ross (sax) and Duncan Veall (keyboards). Their popularity was by now beginning to wane, but they still scored a further two hit singles, “Rule Of Three’s” and “Primitive Love Rites”, the latter becoming a minor hit in some regions of the U.S.A.

Mondo Rock had already experimented with US Remixes on “The Modern Bop” in 1985 and in a further attempt to break the US market “Primitive Love Rites” would also receive the US Club Mix treatment resulting in the single becoming a minor hit in the States, reaching number 71 in the spring of 1987. Ross Wilson blamed record company distribution problems on the single not performing better, with it’s popularity on the West Coast and East Coast of the US being months apart.

In a last ditch effort to break the US, the title track from the album was released, Australia received a 7″ single only but the US 12″ made it clear where the single was directed, remixes of “Boom Baby Boom” by Freddy Bastone on the A side with the previous hit club mix of “Primitive Love Rites” on the B side.

Unfortunately the single was not a hit and they made one further recording, the Aliens EP in late 1987. Ross Wilson disbanded the group in early 1988.

Boom Baby Boom (Extended Club)                   5:23

Boom Baby Boom (Dub)                                  5:55

Boom Baby Boom (Single Version)                   3:54

Primitive Love Rites (Club Version)                   4:54


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Mondo Rock ‎– The Modern Bop (Remix) (1985)

Mondo Rock is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, most prominent in the early 1980s. The band was formed in late 1976 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Ross Wilson.

Mondo Rock went through several incarnations but the best known line-up included bassist Paul Christie (ex-Kevin Borich Express, later in The Party Boys), guitarist and songwriter Eric McCusker, (ex-The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band), drummer John Hackett (ex-Stars) and James Black on keyboards and guitar.

In late 1983, the new Mondo Rock lineup recorded their fourth album The Modern Bop. When they started recording it, McCusker thought they would have a bunch of “gently grooving” songs, only to find the first tracks they recorded “turned out to be quite tough and I think we’ll end up with a rock ‘n’ roll disc”.The album was duly released and scored its biggest Australian hit in March 1984 with McCusker’s “Come Said the Boy”, a provocative tale about the loss of virginity, which was banned by many radio stations including Sydney’s then top-rated 2SM. Despite this, it went on to become their most successful single, peaking at No. 2.

The album featured two more hits, “Baby Wants To Rock” (#18) and the title track “The Modern Bop”, which charted in some states but just missed out on making the national Top 40.

“The Modern Bop” was remixed by John “Jellybean” Benitez for both the album and single releases.

The Modern Bop (New York Remix)                6:57

The Modern Bop (Instrumental)                      5:57

Winds – Light To Variable                              4:14

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