Pebbles ‎– Mercedes Boy (1988)

Perri Reid (born Perri Arlette McKissack), best known by her former stage name, Pebbles, is an American dance-pop and urban contemporary singer-songwriter.

Pebbles got her start in 1981 as a backing vocalist for the percussionist/band leader Bill Summers and the funk band Con Funk Shun. Reid co-wrote one of Con Funk Shun’s singles, “Body Lovers”.

While working at an Oakland, California real estate office she met contractor George L. Smith. Smith bankrolled Pebbles with $80,000 for a demo tape and video for “Mercedes Boy”. The demo and video led to a contract with MCA. Smith and Pebbles married in 1985 and made their home in San Francisco.

Pebbles recorded several hit singles on her own during the late 1980s and early 1990s (including “Girlfriend” and “Mercedes Boy”). She also sang background vocals on Paula Abdul’s album Forever Your Girl in 1988.

“Mercedes Boy” reached #2 on the Hot 100, behind “The Flame” by Cheap Trick, and also #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. It was performed on Soul Train where it was (correctly) predicted to become a top ten hit. “Mercedes Boy” also peaked at number two for two weeks on the dance charts.

The US 12″ singles featured remixes by Louil Silas. Jr with Steve Beltran remixing the Dub Version.

Mercedes Boy (Extended Version)                      7:20

Mercedes Boy (Radio Edit)                                 5:10

Mercedes Boy (Instrumental)                              7:20

Mercedes Boy (Dub)                                          7:29

Mercedes Boy (Bonus Beats)                             3:38


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Pebbles ‎– Girlfriend (1987)

Perri A. Reid (born Perri Arnette McKissack; August 29, 1964), formerly known as Pebbles, is an American dance-pop and urban contemporary singer-songwriter.

“Pebbles”, a childhood nickname, had an early brush with industry success in the early 1980s as a backup singer for percussionist/band leader Bill Summers and the funk outfit Con Funk Shun, having cowritten “Body of Lover”, one of that band’s biggest hits. In 1987, she released Pebbles, a self-titled solo debut for MCA Records. Pebbles went platinum-plus and featured the hits “Girlfriend” and “Mercedes Boy”, both Top Five Pop and #1 R&B hits. The videos for both songs, featuring Pebbles’ signature modern glam style, were in heavy rotation on MTV, VH1, and BET.

“Girlfriend” is a 1987 single from R&B singer Pebbles’ self-titled debut album. Reaching number five on the Hot 100 and number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, it was one of her biggest hits. “Girlfriend” also peaked at number twenty-four on the dance charts.

Pebbles also gained her only UK Top 40 hit single in 1988 when “Girlfriend” peaked at #8.

The song was co-written, originally for Vanessa Williams’ debut album, by future production gurus Antonio “L.A.” Reid (Pebbles’ boyfriend at the time) and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, who were then currently still in their band, The Deele. The two also performed background vocals in the song. In fact, just before the closing lyrics of the bridge, Pebbles can be heard shouting: “Hey Deele, sing!…”.

The single was remixed by Louil Silas, Jr. for the 12″ single release.

Girlfriend (Extended Version)              6:49

Girlfriend (Instrumental)                      6:49

Girlfriend (Dub Version)                      4:54


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