Peking Man – Room That Echoes (1985)

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Peking Man were hugely successful New Zealand band during the 1980s.

Margaret Urlich shared vocals with sibling Pat and the band members consisted of Tim Calder, Perry Marshall, Jan Foulkes, Neville Hall, John Fearon and Jay F-bula. Peking Man had a number of hit songs in New Zealand, “Good Luck to You”, which reached #6, “Lift Your Head Up High”, reaching #21 and the number one, “Room That Echoes”, in 1985.

‘Room That Echoes’ saw them dominate the 1986 NZ Music Awards, taking home the award for Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist, Best Group, Album and Single of the Year. Margaret later went solo; shifting to Australia and releasing her debut album in 1989.

Room That Echoes (Extended Mix)          6:30

Lift Your Head Up High (Extended Mix)     6:32

Vision High                                            3:55

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