Red Rockers ‎– ‘Till It All Falls Down (1983)

Red Rockers were a musical band from New Orleans, Louisiana, active from 1979 to 1985.

The band was formed as a trio by John Thomas Griffith (rhythm guitar and vocals), James Singletary (lead guitar), and Darren Hill (bass guitar) and quickly joined the punk milieu in late 1979 with their first vinyl record, Guns of Revolution.

The band assembled its first full-length album, Condition Red, while on tour. Travel through California led them to a new record label, 415 Records of San Francisco, which released the 12-song LP in 1981. The band toured heavily with their label colleagues, quickly finding a harmony with their styles: Translator, Wire Train, and Romeo Void were all New Wave bands, accomplished and popular, but with evident non-punk character.

The bands second album Good as Gold was released by a partnership of 415 and the major label Columbia, the distribution change was indicative of a change in the values of the band. What surprised critics more, however, was the change in music: from the rough, punk sound of the past, Red Rockers had become a polished, almost gentle-sounding band, fitting in easily with the softer New Wave styles of the time. By the end of the year, Red Rockers surpassed all their labelmates in commercial success.

The US 12″ remix of “‘Til It All Falls Down” was by Ivan Ivan.

‘Til It All Falls Down (Extended Remix Version)         5:10

Home Is Where The War Is                                     4:06

‘Til It All Falls Down                                                4:29


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