Roaring Boys – House Of Stone (1986)

Roaring Boys was an Oxbridge educated band from England formed back in 1984 and composed of Paul Mitchell on Lead Vocals, Neill MacColl on Guitars/Vocals, Chris Jones on Bass, Stefan Osadzinski on Keyboards, Tim May on Saxophones/Guitars, and Dave Larcombe on Drums.

The AllMusic review by Michael Sutton of the Roaring Boys album may describe the single “House Of Stone” best  “The specter of Roxy Music haunts “House of Stone,” the most well-crafted song on Roaring Boys’ self-titled debut album; unfortunately, the rest of the LP is a ghost town. With its bed of lush synthesizers, soothing horns, and romantic vocals, “House of Stone” could’ve been an apt sequel to Roxy Music’s “Avalon.” However, “House of Stone” is a burst of inspiration that must’ve left the band creatively drained, or perhaps they were rushed into the recording studio before they were able to compose equally memorable songs.”

The Long Version of “House Of Stone” was mixed by John Potoker.

House Of Stone (Long Version)              5:27

Walk Away                                          3:34

Y.O.T.O.                                              3:19


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