Rose Royce ‎– If Walls Could Talk / Listen Up (1987)

Rose Royce — the Los Angeles-based group comprised of Henry Garner (drums); Terral “Terry” Santiel (congas); Lequeint “Duke” Jobe (bass); Michael Moore (saxophone); Gwen Dickey, performing with the group using the stage name Rose Norwalt (lead vocals); Kenny Copeland (trumpet, lead vocals); Kenji Brown (guitar, lead vocals); Freddie Dunn (trumpet); and Michael Nash (keyboards) — were actually formed by Copeland and Garner. Both were preparing for graduation from high school, and contemplating their careers. Joined by Dunn and Moore, the two decided to go the route of the music business under the name Total Concept Unlimited (and later as Magic Wand). They auditioned for Edwin Starr, and he hired them as his backup band.

When Rose Royce recorded Fresh Cut in 1986 the band wasn’t nearly as popular as it had been in the late 1970s. They hoped to make a comeback and the Los Angeles residents decided that the way to accomplish that was by being relevant to the urban contemporary scene of 1986. So on Fresh Cut Rose Royce works with some of the hot producers of that era (including Nick Martinelli and Arthur Baker) and tries to be more urban contemporary-sounding without being completely unfaithful to its history. Synthesizers and drum machines are more prominent and the horns are decreased without eliminating them.

Both tracks on this US 12″ single were produced by Arthur Baker and edited by Gail “Sky” King

If Walls Could Talk (Vocal / 12″ Version)      6:45

Listen Up (Vocal / Edit)                              6:45

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