Shakatak – Down On The Street (Dance Mix) (1984)

British jazz-funk combo Shakatak formed in London in 1980. Originally comprising keyboardists Bill Sharpe and Nigel Wright, guitarist Keith Winter, bassist Steve Underwood, and drummer Roger Odell, the group quickly scored an underground hit with its debut single “Steppin’,” cracking the British Top 50 the following year with the singles “Livin’ in the UK” and “Brazilian Dawn.”

After releasing four albums, all which yielded hits, Shakatak underwent a subtle change in musical direction, yet still retaining the band’s identity, Jill Saward (formerly of Fusion Orchestra, Brandy and Citizen Gang) became their lead singer to make Shakatak’s fifth album, Down on the Street. The resulting single releases “Down on the Street” and “Watching You” had great success, and brought them attention in new parts of the world.

The single brought the band their only chart success in the US and was remixed by John Morales and Sergio Munzibai (M & M Productions)

Down On The Street (Dance Mix)   6:48

Holding On                                   4:35

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