Shakespear’s Sister ‎– You’re History (1989)

Shakespears Sister was conceived as a solo project by Siobhan Fahey, who left Bananarama in 1988 out of unhappiness with their “Hit Factory” sound with Stock, Aitken and Waterman.The name was adapted from the title of the song “Shakespeare’s Sister” by The Smiths, which was in turn a reference to Virginia Woolf’s work A Room of One’s Own.According to Fahey, the misspelling was accidental, however she decided to keep it, because “It made it sort of my thing, as opposed to the song by The Smiths”. Fahey has described the meaning of the name being “Siobhan Fahey is the mother, the sister, the daughter, it’s not the artist. The artist is Shakespeare’s sister.”

Whilst working on the project with Richard Feldman, he invited Marcella Detroit as a songwriting aid. Detroit continued to work with Fahey as a “hired hand” until Fahey’s husband David A. Stewart suggested the two form a band, which was backed by Feldman, Fahey’s management and her record company, London Records.Detroit officially became a member of the band after the release of the first Shakespears Sister single, “Break My Heart (You Really) / Heroine”. Their second single “You’re History” reached the top 10 in the UK, as did their debut album Sacred Heart, which was certified Gold by the BPI.

The Voodoo Remix of “You’re History” was by Mark McGuire who worked with a number of popular late 80’s Brit acts such as Baby Ford and S’Express.

You’re History (Voodoo Remix)          6:31

You’re History (7″ Edit)                     4:29

Dirty Mind (Live In Leningrad)             4:44


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Shakespears Sister – Break My Heart (You Really) (Dub Mix) (1988)

Shakespears Sister is a British-based synth-pop-rock band formed by Irish-born singer-songwriter Siobhan Fahey in 1988, with plaudits including a BRIT Award and Ivor Novello Award. It was Fahey’s first musical outing since leaving Bananarama.

Originally conceived as a Fahey solo project, Shakespear’s Sister’s first release was the double A-sided single “Break My Heart (You Really)”/”Heroine” in October 1988. American backing vocalist and guitarist Marcella Detroit began working with Fahey in 1989 which led to a partnership and Shakespear’s Sister became a duo as of their 1989 hit single “You’re History”.

“Break My Heart (You Really)” was remixed by Shep Pettibone and released on London Records 12″ & CD single.

The Dub Mix was exclusive to the 12″ single.

Break My Heart (You Really) (Dub Mix)    6:28

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