Simphonia Featuring Carmen Brown ‎– It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) / You And Me (1987)

Simphonia was an alias for top US producer Paul Simpson who would release records under many monikers as well as help propel others up the charts.

Paul’s first releases were as the Paul Simpson Connection releasing the garage house classic “Use Me Lose Me” in 1982 which would be followed by writing and producing credits by acts such as Pushe, Subject and Serious Intention.

My favourite Paul Simpson records are the two released under the name Simphonia in 1986-1987, the first 12″ being “You And Me” which was massive in the clubs, and then “It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do)” which featured an extended Club Mix of “You And Me” which was missing from the earlier release.

It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) (Vocal/Club Mix)                               8:42

It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) (Vocal/Extended Mix)                        5:25

It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) (Accadrumdubella Mix)                      3:50

You And Me (Vocal/Club Remix)                                                 8:10

It Ain’t Right (Whatcha Do) (Dub Mix)                                          6:55


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Simphonia – You And Me (1986)

Simphonia was a side-project for writer/producer/performer Paul Simpson who has been a mainstay of the dance music scene since 1980 especially in the emerging house sound of the late 80’s.

There would be only three singles released under the Simphonia name and the first of these was “You & Me”.

Featuring lead vocals by Carmen Brown (Adeva, Skipworth & Turner), and written, produced and arranged by Paul Simpson.

You And Me (National Version)                5:26

You And Me (Short/Dance – Vocal Mix)    4:45

You And Me (Dub)                                  5:06

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