Simplicious ‎– Let Her Feel It (1984)

Miami natives Diane, Ronald and Aaron Broomfield grew up in an eight-sibling family wherein music was a constantly defining factor. Though none of the brothers and sisters were formally trained, what was an enjoyable hobby became a professional gig for all before reaching the teenage years. The family worked together under various aliases throughout the ’70s and ’80s, and most of the members made solo recordings in this period, as well.

Diane picked up the nickname “Dee Dee” in early childhood; and she borrowed the surname “Wilde” from older brother Ron, who attained international fame as R&B balladeer Eugene Wilde in the mid-’80s. The trio first appeared on record with the group Tight Connection in the late ’70s via a single deal with Taurus Records. Subsequently performing as Life, La Voyage, and Simplicious, the unit enjoyed a minor R&B hit in 1984 under the latter name with “Let Her Feel It.” Eugene caught the ears of executives at Philly World, who pulled him from the group for a solo deal.

“Let Her Feel It” was mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai.

Let Her Feel It (Vocal)                               6:25

Let Her Feel It (Instrumental)                     4:46


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