The Conway Brothers ‎– Turn It Up (The Brand New Full Monty Mix) (1985)

The Conway Brothers were Huston, Hiawatha, James & Fredrick Conway, a funk act active from 1983 to 1989 releasing two albums, Turn It Up (1986) and Lady In Red (1987) and a number of singles right through the 80’s.

In 1985, the act released two singles which were dancefloor smashes, the first was the title track from their debut album “Turn It Up”, followed by “Raise The Roof”. Both singles were released in the UK on Ten Records and benefited from remixes from some of the UK’s biggest DJ’s.

“Turn It Up” received the remix treatment from Simon Harris on this UK release, while the original US mix from The Conway Brothers & Hotmix Hudson was also included.

Turn It Up (The Full Monty Mix)                    4:58

Turn It Up (Original U.S. Mix)                       6:43


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