The Dream Academy ‎– The Love Parade (1985)

The Dream Academy was an English folk rock band, comprising singer/guitarist Nick Laird-Clowes; multi-instrumentalist (chiefly oboe, English horn player) Kate St John; plus keyboardist Gilbert Gabriel. They are most noted for their hit single, “Life in a Northern Town”.

“The Love Parade” is the fourth single released by The Dream Academy. It was a more “edgy” song then their previous singles, with the theme being about adultery and erotic temptation . There were two additional singles released in the UK by Blanco y Negro, a 7″ shaped picture disc and a second limited edition release.

There were high hopes for the single, especially from Warners, and there was some degree of promotion of the song (such as a live performance on American Bandstand). However, the single failed to live up to the expectations of their debut single, “Life in a Northern Town”, just making the top 40 (#36) in the US but reaching #78 in the UK.

The Love Parade (12″)                                           6:12

The Love Parade (7″)                                            3:45

Girl In A Million (For Edie Sedgwick)                      3:50

The Dream Academy

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