The Dugites ‎– Cut The Talking (1983)

The Dugites formed in Perth in 1978 and went on to record three albums in the early ’80s. The Dugites combined elements of power pop, new wave and electronic, producing songs with strong melodies, hooks and a smattering of politics. With hit singles – “In Your Car”, “Juno and Me”, and others – they were on the radio, Countdown, and concert stages around Australia.

In 1979 The Dugites released a single “Hit Single” / “Bruce”, and toured as the backing band for Dave Warner. The single had been self-financed, but that year they were signed by the now defunct Deluxe label. Their first album The Dugites was released in July 1980 and reached number 22 on the Australian Album charts. Their second album West Of The World was released in July 1981 and their final album Cut The Talking was released in April 1984.

When the ABC’s Sydney ‘youth’ radio station Double Jay was launched in 1975, Skyhooks’ “You Just Like Me Cos I’m Good In Bed” was chosen as the opening song played on air, specifically because it had been banned by Australian commercial radio. When Double Jay switched bands to FM in 1980, The Dugites’ “Gay Guys” — the B-side of the Dugites 1980’s single “South Pacific”, which was also banned by commercial radio—became the first song to be played by Double Jay’s successor, 2JJJ-FM Triple J.

Cut The Talking (Extended Play)               5:44

Michael And Rodney Go Boating              3:32

Cut The Talking                                       3:40

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