The Girls ‎– S-E-S-E-X (1984)

The Girls were a less renowned American 1980s Minneapolis sounding R&B trio gathered by Andre Cymone in 1983. All three members were still in their teens at time: Doris Rhodes (age 19), Germain Brooks, (age 18) and Sheila Rankin (age 17).

They were in the vein of Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6. After noticing the success that Prince had with Vanity 6, Andre hoped to achieve the same with his own girl group. After signing with Columbia Records in 1983, he and the Girls worked on their debut (and what would ultimately remain their only) album, Girl Talk, which was released the following year in 1984.

Andre produced the album and wrote or co-wrote the songs, among them was “Don’t Waste My Time.” Much to his misfortune, it failed to sell. Columbia dropped the Girls from their roster and they disbanded by 1985.

S-E-S-E-X (Vocal)                                     6:00

S-E-S-E-X (Instrumental)                           5:20


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