The Mighty Wah! ‎– Come Back (1984)

Pete Wylie (born Peter James Wylie, Liverpool, England, 22 March 1958 is a British singer/songwriter and guitarist, best known as the leader of the band variously known as Wah!, Wah! Heat, Shambeko! Say Wah!, JF Wah!, The Mighty Wah! and Wah! the Mongrel. He was credited by Melody Maker with coining “rockism”, a post-punk term used to describe anything considered too ‘old guard’.

Active from 1979, Wylie and company garnered critical acclaim throughout 1980 for the singles “Better Scream” and “Seven Minutes to Midnight” (both as Wah! Heat), the latter being single of the week in the NME, Sounds and Melody Maker during spring 1980, and the 1981 Warner Bros album Nah = Poo! – The Art of Bluff (as Wah!). Their biggest hit single was “The Story of the Blues”, which was released in late 1982, and reached Number 3 in the UK Singles Chart.

A follow-up single, “Hope (I Wish You’d Believe me)” was released in 1983, but the single found limited success. Next, Wylie released an officially sanctioned “official bootleg” of new and old songs entitled “The Maverick Years 1980-81” on his own label. Clad in a cover that alluded to the early ’70s’ ‘Hallmark of Quality’ bootlegs, the record appeared as a white label with a blank outer cover and a sheet attached with sleevenotes by music journalist Adam Sweeting. This release did not shore up Wylie’s dwindling fortunes and Wah! were subsequently dropped by WEA. In 1984 The Mighty Wah! had a Top 20 hit with the song “Come Back” (as with “The Story of the Blues,” the song was chosen by the late BBC Radio 1 Radio DJ John Peel, as his ‘single of the year’).

Come Back (The Story Of The Reds) / The Devil In Miss Jones (Combined And Extended)     10:16

Come Back (The Return Of The >>Randy Scouse Git<<)     4:52

From Disco Dicko To A Kid In Care                                       4:47

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