The Technos ‎– Falling In Love Again (1985)

The Techno Twins (later known simply as The Technos) were a British electronic music duo in the 1980s.

The band, consisting of husband-wife duo Steve Fairnie and Bev Sage, formed in 1977, the duo decided that they would combine old songs with modern electronic sounds, and in December 1982 they were signed by PRT Records. Their debut single was a cover of “Falling in Love Again”, and the song received airplay and critical acclaim from the press. It peaked at No. 70 in the UK Singles Chart, their only appearance in any UK chart.

“Falling In Love Again” was re-recorded in 1985 and included on the album Foreign Land. The 1985 version of the single was produced by Phil Harding.

Falling In Love Again                 5:49

Prisoner Of Love                       3:16


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