Tommy Page ‎– A Zillion Kisses (1988)

Tommy Page (born Thomas Alden Page, May 24, 1970, Glen Ridge, New Jersey) is an American singer, best known for his 1990 hit single, “I’ll Be Your Everything.”

Page was sixteen when he was a cloakroom attendant in a popular New York nightclub called Nell’s, taking the coats of stars such as Whitney Houston, Rob Lowe, and the Beastie Boys. The job gave Page a chance to play his demo tape to the house DJ, who then used the demos as part of his club mixes. The unknown sounds were so impressive that soon Page was introduced to Sire Records founder Seymour Stein, who had previously launched the careers of Madonna and the Ramones.

When Page turned eighteen, he was asked to write the theme tune of the film Shag and later released it as his first single. Page’s self-titled debut album was released by Sire/Warner Bros. Records in November 1988 and contained hits such as “A Zillion Kisses,” “Turning Me On,” and “A Shoulder to Cry On”.

Tommy’s first single from his debut album was  “A Zillion Kisses” , the single went to No.45 on the US Dance Chart and was remixed by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow for the 12″ single.

A Zillion Kisses (Big Beat Mix)                                               7:39

A Zillion Kisses (Endless Kiss Mix)                                        5:30

A Zillion Kisses (12″ Dub)                                                      5:00

A Shoulder To Cry On (Instrumental Movie Mix)                       3:20


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