Wide Boy Awake – Billy Hyena (1984)

Wide Boy Awake were a UK alternative band formed in 1982 by Kevin Mooney (Adam and the Ants) with partner John Keogh and collaborator and fantasist Harley Price. Wide Boy Awake released two EPs in the UK, including songs “Chicken Outlaw”, “Bona Venture” and “Slang Teacher”, some of which appear on 1980s various-artists compilations. “Chicken Outlaw” was accompanied by a music video directed by Derek Jarman. Wide Boy Awake disbanded soon after without releasing a full album of music.

The band’s final EP “Billy Hyena” released in 1984 was written by Kevin Mooney and produced by Francois Kevorkian.

Billy Hyena (Extended Dance Mix)          6:08

Set Fighter                                                   4:08

Billy Hyena                                                  3:35

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