Zeke Manyika ‎– Heaven Help Us (Try) (1984)

Zeke Manyika (born 23 February 1955, Zimbabwe) is a drummer, vocalist and songwriter.

Manyika was born in Zimbabwe, but has lived in Britain for most of his life. From 1982 to 1984 he was a member of the pop group Orange Juice, and contributed to their biggest hit single, “Rip It Up”. He can be heard playing drums on singles by The Style Council such as “Speak Like a Child” and “A Solid Bond in Your Heart”. He also contributed to several albums by The The including Soul Mining, Infected and Dusk.

“Heaven Help Us (Try)” was the first single from Zeke’s debut album “Call And Response”.

Heaven Help Us (Try) (Manyanamegamix)              5:01

I’ve Made My Bed                                                2:24

Everywhere I Go                                                  3:58


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