Pretty Poison ‎– When I Look Into Your Eyes / Nightime (1988)

Pretty Poison is a dance group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Group members are Jade Starling (lead vocalist); Whey Cooler (keyboardist/guitarist); and Kaya Pryor (percussionist).

In 1988, Pretty Poison released their official debut album “Catch Me I’m Falling” (second album overall after the Laced EP). It contained the title track “Catch Me (I’m Falling)”, which was a top ten hit in the U.S. and also hit number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart the previous year. The second single off the album was a remix of their 1984 dance hit “Nighttime” which references Whodini’s 1984 song “Freaks Come Out at Night” and was a top forty hit in May 1988. The third single, “When I Look into Your Eyes”, peaked on the dance chart in September of the same year.

When I Look Into Your Eyes (Dance Mix)                                5:04

When I Look Into Your Eyes (Hip Hop Mix)                              5:45

Nightime (Welcome To Our House Mix)                                   8:19

When I Look Into Your Eyes (Bonus Scratch Beats)                 2:25


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Aretha Franklin ‎– Jimmy Lee (1986)

The song “Jimmy Lee” was a hit single by American singer Aretha Franklin. The single is the lead-off track on her 1986 album Aretha, and charted at #2 R&B and #28 Pop single on the Billboard Singles chart in early-1987. The tune was also nominated for an American Music Award.

“Jimmy Lee” was remixed by Ron St.Germain for the 12″ single release which was also notable for the “Aretha Mega Mix” by Les “The Mix Doctor” Adams of Disco Mix Club.

The 12″ sleeve reproduced the “Aretha” album artwork by Andy Warhol, the artist’s final work before his death in 1987.

Jimmy Lee (Extended Remix)                 7:16

Jimmy Lee (Dub)                                   5:57

Aretha Mega Mix                                   7:46


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English Evenings ‎– I Will Return (1985)

English Evenings were a short-lived British New Wave duo. They released one album in 1985 entitled After Dark.

Before English Evenings, Lee Walsh was a member of the band Sly Fox, whose name later changed to One Adult. After the band broke up and with its members going their separate ways, Walsh believed he could further his musical career elsewhere, and to his credit he did, obtaining a record deal under the name of English Evenings, together with bandmate Graham Lee. They released only one album in 1985, on the UK independent label Safari Records. Although their producer was the famous audio engineer and producer Phil Harding, they didn’t go on to achieve a large amount of success.

After disbanding, Graham Lee and Lee Walsh went on to later produce a football song for Leeds United in 1990, entitled “We Are Leeds”.

I Will Return (Midnight Manoeuvres Mix)         6:07

White Mask                                                 3:23


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Sade ‎– Hang On To Your Love (U.S. Remix) (1984)

Sade are a British R&B band that formed in 1983, named after their lead singer Sade Adu. Their music features elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and soft rock.

Sade’s debut album, Diamond Life, was released in 1984, reaching No. 2 in the UK Album Chart, selling over 1.2 million copies in the UK, and won the Brit Award for Best British Album in 1985.The album was also a hit internationally, reaching No. 1 in several countries and the top ten in the US where it has sold in excess of 4 million copies.

“Hang On To Your Love” was the first single to be released from the Diamond Life album in the US and was remixed by Michael Brauer for the 12″ single release.

Hang On To Your Love (U.S. Remix)                5:13

Should I Love You                                          3:50

Why Can’t We Live Together                           5:28


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Brass Construction ‎– Movin’ – 1988 (1988)

Brass Construction was an American funk group formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1968. They were originally known as Dynamic Soul, and went on to record a string of hit singles and albums through to 1985.

Signed in 1975 by Sid Maurer, and former Epic Records promotion man Fred Frank, they scored two US Billboard Hot 100 entries in 1976 – the most successful being “Movin’,” which hit #14. They had much more success on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart, with nine chart entries, including “Movin’,” which reached #1. Pianist/Flautist/Arranger Randy Muller went on to score a number of R&B hits with Skyy.

In 1988, Phil Harding remixed “Movin’,” for a UK 12″ single release while a Megamix by Les Adams of Brass Construction’s biggest hits was included on the flip side.

Movin’ – 1988 (Extended Mix)                         9:43

The Brass Construction Reconstruction           9:45


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Nitzer Ebb ‎– Warsaw Ghetto Remix (1986)

Nitzer Ebb was formed in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1982 by vocalist Douglas McCarthy, drummer Bon Harris, and keyboard player David Gooday, the group began experimenting with synthesizers and drum pads, fusing the bandmembers’ affinity for dark goth and punk rock with the emerging technology. After several popular shows around London during 1984, PWL producer Phil Harding began working with Nitzer Ebb and recorded their first single, “Isn’t It Funny How Your Body Works,” which appeared on the band’s Power of Voice Communications label in 1985. Three more singles followed during 1985-1986 before Nitzer Ebb signed to Mute in late 1986.

After an extended trip to New York City in 1986 Phil Harding returned to the UK and entered PWL Studios to remix and edit Warsaw Ghetto into two new radical versions both are included on this Limited Edition 12″ along with the radio mix of So Bright So Strong.

Warsaw Ghetto (Dub Mix)                     6:05

So Bright So Strong (Radio Mix)            4:08

Warsaw Ghetto (Rap Mix)                     7:05

nitzer ebb

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J.M. Silk ‎– Let The Music Take Control (1987)

“Let the Music Take Control” is a song by J.M. Silk, that was released as their fifth single, on RCA Records in 1987.

The song written by Steve “Silk” Hurley and Keith Nunnally peaked at number two in the US Dance chart in 1987,reaching its top in UK at number forty-seven.

Let The Music Take Control (House Mix)                       6:10

Let The Music Take Control (Radio Edit)                        4:02

Let The Music Take Control (House Of Trix Mix)             8:30

Let The Music Take Control (Insaneappella)                   5:30


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Canton ‎– Stay With Me (1985)

Canton became famous in the 80’s after their participation in the San Remo Festival in 1984 with the song “Sleepwalking”, written by Enrico Ruggeri and arranged by the group. They finished fourth but the song spent several months in the Italian charts.  An English version for the international market followed and a long series of promotional television and radio appearances.

The following year they released “Please Do Not Stay”, written and arranged by the band, the single charted in Italy and abroad.  The single was released in the UK being the first Italian pop group to have an English language hit in England.

The success of “Please Do Not Stay” opened the way to a collaboration with one of the biggest producers of pop music at the time, Pete Waterman, who after productions for the likes of Dead or Alive and Bananarama committed to the production of their third single “Stay With Me” .

The song was greeted favourably by the music industry and CBS International purchased the distribution rights to the song for England and Europe. Unfortunately, in the months leading up to the planned international launch of the single, the group’s Italian record label, Ariston, closed production and Canton suddenly found themselves without a record deal but with a contract still in force that did not allow them to quickly sign to a new record label.

“Stay With Me” was mixed by Phil Harding and written/produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

The rare SAW productions are being taken down quite quickly so grab this one while you can !

Stay With Me                                              5:52

Stay With Me (Instrumental Version)             5:40

Go Back                                                     3:15

Canton - Stay With Me

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Blancmange ‎– That’s Love, That It Is (1984)

Blancmange was formed in Harrow, Middlesex in 1979 by singer Neil Arthur (born 15 June 1958, Darwen, Lancashire) and instrumentalists Stephen Luscombe (born 29 October 1954, Hillingdon, Middlesex) and Laurence Stevens. Stevens left shortly after the band was formed, and Arthur and Luscombe continued as a duo.

The duo found minor success with their 1982 double A-sided single, “God’s Kitchen”/”I’ve Seen the Word”, which peaked at no. 65 in the UK. This was followed by “Feel Me”, which peaked at no. 46. Later that year, they broke through with “Living on the Ceiling”, which reached no. 7 in the UK Singles Chart. Their debut album, Happy Families (which featured a sleeve painting in the style of Louis Wain), also reached the top 30.

Further hits followed with “Waves” (no. 19), “Blind Vision” (no. 10), “That’s Love That It Is” (no. 33) and “Don’t Tell Me” (no. 8), while their second album Mange Tout also reached no. 8 in the UK Albums Chart.

All mixes on this US 12″ are different to those found on the UK singles.

“That’s Love That It Is” and “Game Above My Head” were edited by Joseph Watt (Razormaid) and “Don’t Tell Me” was remixed by Mark Kamins.

That’s Love, That It Is (Extended Remix Version)         7:30

Game Above My Head (Extended Remix Version)       7:06

Don’t Tell Me (Dance Remix)                                     6:45


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Roaring Boys – House Of Stone (1986)

Roaring Boys was an Oxbridge educated band from England formed back in 1984 and composed of Paul Mitchell on Lead Vocals, Neill MacColl on Guitars/Vocals, Chris Jones on Bass, Stefan Osadzinski on Keyboards, Tim May on Saxophones/Guitars, and Dave Larcombe on Drums.

The AllMusic review by Michael Sutton of the Roaring Boys album may describe the single “House Of Stone” best  “The specter of Roxy Music haunts “House of Stone,” the most well-crafted song on Roaring Boys’ self-titled debut album; unfortunately, the rest of the LP is a ghost town. With its bed of lush synthesizers, soothing horns, and romantic vocals, “House of Stone” could’ve been an apt sequel to Roxy Music’s “Avalon.” However, “House of Stone” is a burst of inspiration that must’ve left the band creatively drained, or perhaps they were rushed into the recording studio before they were able to compose equally memorable songs.”

The Long Version of “House Of Stone” was mixed by John Potoker.

House Of Stone (Long Version)              5:27

Walk Away                                          3:34

Y.O.T.O.                                              3:19


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