Lizzie Tear ‎– Silver Surfer (1988)

Lizzie Tear is the daughter of Welsh tenor and conductor, Robert Tear and is probably most well known for her connection to ABC.

Lizzie was signed to Neutron Records, a label created in Sheffield in late 70s by Stephen Singleton, Mark White and David Sydenham (later replaced by Martin Fry), then formed as the minimalist electronic avantgarde ensemble Vice Versa. In their anarchic beginnings, the label itself was conceived an independent, marking a distinctive path between music and packaging, regarding their material as manifestos focusing around subversive matters of the post-modern and anti-art principles.

Although Neutron was primarily devoted to the releases of ABC and is still used for their re-releases (though Phonogram owns the masters of all the work issued on the label), at one point artist Lizzie Tear (under contract with ABC themselves) appeared on the imprint.

Lizzie’s first single “Life Won’t Be The Same” was produced by David Motion but the two follow up singles, “Turbo Charged” and “Silver Surfer” were both produced by Mark White and Martin Fry.

“Silver Surfer” was released on two separate 12″ singles, the first (featured here) included Francois Kevorkian remixes while the second featured a Nellee Hooper and Tim Simenon remix.

Silver Surfer (Kevorkian Mix)            7:26

Silver Surfer (Percapella)                 4:46

Silver Surfer (Dub Kevorkian)           6:48

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