Bianca – My Emotions (1989)

Due to Shep Pettibone’s huge success working with both Madonna and Janet Jackson, by the end of the 80’s he was being offered a number of remixing projects for female artists who were potentially going to be next “pop superstar”.  Some of these artists released just a single, the lucky ones got to also record an album but failed to find an audience and subsequently left the music industry.

Today I am going to post two of these artists and being their time in the music industry was brief, there may not be too many details.

First up is Bianca (real name “Brenda Reierson”) who was from Pine City, Minnesota. In 1989, Bianca released her one and only album “Forever” and to promote the release, Warner Bros lifted the single “My Emotions’ which on the 12″ single boasted 5 Shep remixes.

***New Rip Posted 17 May 2014, Record cleaned with Okki Nokki RCM and stylus upgraded with Ortofon OM2 Blue***

***Full 12” Now Added***

My Emotions (Dance Mix)                               7:54

My Emotions (Club Dub)                                  5:19

My Emotions (Emotional Roots Dub)               5:40

My Emotions (Club Mix)                                 7:25

My Emotions (Emotional Trip Mix)                   5:11

Club Boy (LP Version)                                    4:35

Listen !

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