Eleanor Grant ‎– (I Am Ready) Sexual Healing (1982)

Eleanor Grant released her first single “You Oughta’ Be Here With Me” on Columbia Records in 1975 at the age of 14, a second single for the label “This Time We’re Really Through” was recorded at Muscle Shoals, produced by Jimmy Johnson and  Roger Hawkins and released in 1976.

At the age of 22, Eleanor recorded “(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing” for the Catawaba Records label where her father, Richard Mack was president.

A reply record to the Marvin Gaye classic, “(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing” answers the call from a woman’s point of view. As Eleanor told Billboard in 1982, “I don’t think it’s passive for a woman to say “I am ready” to someone that she cares for”.

“(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing” received remixes by Sergio Munzibai And John Morales (An M&M Mix) for the US 12″ single release.

(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing                                                7:04

(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing (Breakdown Mix)                       5:42

(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing (Chimental Mix)                        7:57


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