Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo ‎– Party On The Corner (1983)

New Yorker Vaughn Mason’s claim to fame is the spectacular disco/funk single “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll,” credited to Vaughan Mason & Crew. That song, released on Brunswick, hit the top five of the U.S. R&B chart in 1980 and became the title track of the group’s first and only album.

The single also became sample fodder for several rap songs, including Digital Underground’s “Doowutchyalike,” Heavy D’s “Black Coffee,” De La Soul’s “Cool Breeze on the Rocks,” and Redman’s “Slide and Rock On.”

In 1982, Mason teamed with Butch Dayo to release an LP and two singles on Salsoul Records.  The second of these singles was “Party On The Corner” in 1983, written by Ben Epps, produced and arranged by Vaughn Mason & Butch Dayo and mixed by Shep Pettibone.

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