Wire Train – Chamber Of Hellos (1984)

Wire Train was a United States based group who produced six albums in the 1980s and early 1990s. The band was originally formed as the Renegades in April 1983 in San Francisco. Wire Train signed to the local 415 Records label, also home to acts like Translator and Romeo Void, all of which found themselves with a national distribution deal when 415 entered into a deal with Columbia Records.

Wire Train’s first album, In a Chamber, made the national charts in 1984, U2’s Bono claimed it to be his personal favorite album of that year.

The band’s first single release in the UK was “Chamber Of Hellos”, initially released as 4 track EP in 1983, the US release followed in 1984 but went with remixes by Ivan Ivan of “Chamber Of Hellos” and “I’ll Do You”.

Chamber Of Hellos (Remix)     5:16

I’ll Do You (Remix)                     6:10

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