Steve Miller Band – Shangri-La (1984)

Another 12″ from the “what were they thinking?” file, after a career stretching back to 1967 and a string of hits in the 70’s,  Steve Miller scored a surprise hit in 1982 with “Abracadabra”. He followed this up with the album “Italian X Rays” in 1984 and with current music trends being synthesizers and new wave, Steve decided this would be the direction he should be heading.

Some Steve Miller purists would consider this a low point in his career, but decide for yourself with the Francois Kevorkian remixed Shangri-La, released on a Capitol Records 12″ in the US only.

A  Shangri-La (Extended Club Mix )          7:28

B  Shangri-La (Dub Version)                     5:30

Listen !