Tyrone Brunson Featuring Gayle Adams ‎– Love Triangle (1987)

Calvin Tyrone Brunson was born in Washington, D.C.. In his early career he played is several local groups, including the late-1970s funk band Osiris. His first solo project came out in 1982. Single “The Smurf”, released in the UK on the Mercury Records label entered the UK singles chart on July 3, 1982, and rose to a high of number 50; it remained in the charts for 4 weeks. “The Smurf” appeared on Brunson’s debut album, Sticky Situation. The follow-up U.S. single, the album’s title track, reached #25 on the R&B chart. The following year (1984), Brunson released his second album, Fresh. While the title track reached #22 on the R&B chart, no other singles made a significant dent on the chart. Three years later, Brunson released a third album, Love Triangle, but with no successful forthcoming singles, the album fizzled on the charts.

“Love Triangle” was written by Gayle Adams, James Mtume and Tyrone Brunson, James Mtume also produced the track.

Love Triangle (Menage Mix)                                       6:24

Love Triangle (Radio Edit)                                         5:29

Love Triangle (Dub Version)                                       6:07

Love Triangle (Instrumental Version)                           3:30